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Energy Max LC – Cut energy costs. Lower power usage. We can make “Going Green” profitable!

We are authorized dealers for the best equipment to cut energy usage & costs.
Systems for home, small business & marine to large industry & transportation.

We install the right energy saving solution for each need. 

Save money and be good to the environment. 

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Smart Energy Systems

Gesper Electrical Management
Home & Business

Manage power grid input. Neutralize voltage changes. Lower kilowatt usage up to 40%. (Gesper guarantees 10%). Lower utility bills. Extend life of appliances. Full surge protection.
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Fuel Conditioning Systems

Release more BTUs from liquid or gaseous fuels by raising combustion rates. Engines run about 92% efficient. Our systems achieve near 100% combustion & lowers costs.
   Electronic System (Fuel Smart)
   Magneto Hydro-dynamic (GMX)
   Liquid Enzyme System (Soltron)

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Lubricant & Fluid Cleansing

Puradyn Systems Fight Dirty! 5 stage bypass filter traps solid, liquid & gaseous particles from oil & hydraulics. Prevent damage. Remove particles 40 times smaller than others. 90,000 mile oil changes are common. Huge cost & labor savings.  

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Fuel Purification & Polishing

We offer filter-less purifiers from RCI. They provide superior removal of contaminants and up to 98% of water from fuel. Extend equipment life, reduce failures & lower costs.

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Water Treatment / Scale Reduction

Our GMX system reverses damage from calcium scale in hard water. Remove scale in existing equipment, pipes & heat exchangers. Restore equipment to run near design capacity. Reduce maintenance costs.

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Ultrasonic Boat Hull Anti-fouling System

Our Ultra-SoniTec system uses the latest ultra-sonic & transducer technology to prevent growth of algae, barnacles & slime on hulls of marine craft. A hull perpetually free of marine growth cuts fuel usage, reduces costs, increases speed and minimizes bottom scraping & paint.

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