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       Electrical Management System

Typical Savings & Benefits Reported by Users!

  – Satellite TV Firm – 7 Years – No Equipment Fails / Lost Service
  – Restaurant (10,000 sq ft) –  Huge 40% Reduction in Electric
  – Pharmacy in Virginia – 19% Lower Electric Bills Every Month

  – Homeowner (Mid-Atlantic) 27% Reduction in Electric Kilowatts

Manage Grid Power – Local Voltage – Real Surge Protection

   – Reduces Kilowatt Usage & Costs 10% to 40% 
  – Clean-Up Grid Spikes/Drops – Protect Appliances / Equipment
  – Equipment Performs Better – Lasts Longer

  – Absolute Surge Protection That Works

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            What It Is

Power Regulator / Conditioner

Voltage Monitor & Adjuster

Surge Protector & Spike Blocker

Correct Unstable Grid Power

Fix Unstable Local Power (Yours)

What It Is    Our GESPER Electrical Management System is a full-facility power conditioner & current regulator with built-in surge protection & power filter/harmonizer which stabilizes & smooths electrical voltage. Internally, electronic boards and custom-built capacitors operate as a unit to improve & control power quality. Your power company employs much of the same technology to try to normalize energy flow from the power station and its customers. Unfortunately, by the time the power from the grid gets to customer’s site, the circuit is no longer optimal & stable. All users on the grid constantly cause surges & drops in voltage as they utilize energy. These unstable voltage changes create voltage fluctuations on the grid which can harm equipment and drive usage figures up. Every power user is affected by these conditions including homes, businesses & even large industrial complexes.

            What It Does

Reduce Kilowatt Usage 10% to 40%

Stabilize Grid Power

Neutralize Inside Fluctuations

Prevent Surges Totally

Stop Equipment Overheat

Extend Equipment Life

What It Does    Just as multiple demands on the grid disrupt voltage stability, equipment installed at your site creates similar disturbances in your circuitry. As heavy loads from things like AC compressors, heating & refrigeration units operate, there are constant start-up demands & shut-down fluctuations on your facility. Continued use of such unstable power can cause motors to overheat, lights and electronics to fail & serious types of shut-downs.  Your appliances & equipment take a beating as they absorb these fluctuations and draw more energy as they try to continue operation. It surprises many people that these power irregularities actually increase kilowatt usage and not by a little. Our system stabilizes the current, eliminates surges (both incoming& down-line) & stabilizes the voltage at the installed location(s). This results in reductions in usage and costs by at minimum of 10%.  Some users have reported reductions as much as a whopping 40%. This reduction in kilowatt usage is due to less energy demand placed on devices in the circuit because of our system moderating voltage levels. In fact, after a system is configured and approved by the manufacturer, they guarantee a savings of at least 10% in kilowatt usage as measured by the International Performance and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

       What Equipment

Made In Texas USA by GESPER

Many Installs Worldwide Since 2002

Each Site Custom Configured

$2,000,000 Product Liabilility

Full 10 Year Warranty 

Guaranteed Lower Kilowatt Usage

What Equipment    The GESPER system is one of the few electrical current control and surge protection systems in the US that has the ETL/UL SPD Type 4 rating.  GESPER units are backed by a $2,000,000 product liability policy and have a full 10 year warranty. The systems are engineered & manufactured by GESPER, a US company in Lubbock Texas. These units have been operational since 2002 and have proven, documented history of kilowatt usage reductions and cost savings in all types of operations. These range from smaller home business sites to huge industrial and commercial applications. This system is different because the product works. Each system is custom configured to fit each customer’s installation. It does not matter if it is one-unit for a home, or dozens of units & boosters in an industrial plant. An assessment is done for each potential installation whether it be for a home, business or factory. A design is then prepared to configure the perfect system to fit the location. Once configured and authorized, GESPER guarantees that the installation will achieve a minimum of 10% kilowatt energy savings.

        Technical Stuff

Proprietary Components & Materials

Power Factors Clean Power Streams

Machines Do More With Less Power

System Corrects Circuit Harmonics

Absorbs Bad Harmonics

Surge Protection – Latest Technology

$2 Million Surge Insurance 

UL Standard Visible Trip Indicators

System Shunts Surges To Gound

System Lowers Motor Temps

Motor Life x 2  Each 10° Drop

Lowers Equipment Failures 

Lowers Chance Of Fire

Some Technical Stuff   (Optional Reading For Those Technically Inclined)

  • Proprietary Components & Capacitors

    Each system utilizes optimal materials that maximize power quality

    Capacitors are built to proprietary specifications and are custom manufactured

    Custom capacitors are used to raise a facility’s power quality

    High power factor allows motors to run efficiently by providing cleaner power

    Better power factor allows machines to do more with less power

  • Harmonics Correction By The System

    Bad harmonics in electrical systems disrupt electronics, overheats equipment and damages motors, transformers & circuit breakers. Our system absorbs bad harmonics.

  • Surge Protection

    System protects against external surges and sacrifices itself in catastrophic surges

    Per UL Standards, components are visible with red indicators if tripped

    Manufacturer provides $2 million per surge incident insurance policy

    System meets UL’s latest Surge Protection Standards

    Thermal protection designed to shunt the over-voltage to ground in major surge event

  • Equipment Life

    System decreases motor temperatures due to reduced harmonics & higher power quality

    For every 10° motor temperature is decreased, life of equipment is doubled

    Temperature reduction varies per machine

    Reduction of internal surges prolongs life of electronics, lighting & appliances

    System reduces maintenance costs from lower rates of equipment failure

    OSHA Safe, reduces chance of fire, electrical shock & effects