Soltron Natural Enzyme Based Fuel Conditioner
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            Fuel Conditioning Systems

Typical Savings & Benefits To Customers!

– Get Power From Fuel Being Wasted

– Changes Molecules to Accept More Oxygen

– More Power – Mileage – Performance

– Cost Reductions in 8% Range

Fuel Smart Electronic System

Fuel Conditioner – What It Is

Elevates Fuel Combustion Rate

Alters Fuel at Molecular Level

Hydrocarbons Absorb More Oxygen

3 Types Of Systems Available

  • Electronic Conditioner System

  • Magneto Hydrodynamic Device

  • Liquid Enzyme Process (Soltron)

What It Is  We are authorized dealers for 3 Fuel Conditioners based on fuel type & client need.

1)-Electronic System (Fuel Smart)  2)-Magneto Hydrodynamic (GMX)  3)-Liquid Enzyme  (Soltron).

Fuel Conditioners cause all available energy (BTU”s) to be released from every ounce of fuel. Normal engines use about 92% of stored energy in fuel. The balance (approximately 8%) is lost & goes out the exhaust. Fuel conditioners increase burn rates to almost total combustion. This releases more BTU’s while reducing waste and producing better performance, more power, better mileage and lower costs. Simply stated: We get more out of fuel going in!  Another huge saving can come from reductions in the amount of Exhaust Gas Fluid used (EGR). This expensive fluid (mandated by EPA) is injected directly into the exhaust stream to render unburned hydrocarbons neutral to the atmosphere. The EGR is carried in separate tanks on Diesel vehicles. Better combustion reduces the amount of EGR liquid needed.

Any fuel source, be it diesel, gasoline, propane, heating oil, natural gas, bio fuel, CNG or other fuel can get contaminated. Storage tanks, transfer pipelines, vehicle transport, weather conditions and time in storage all contribute their share of water and foreign matter. Additionally, as fuel remains in storage, hydrocarbon molecules tend to revert back to their natural state. These recombined hydrocarbons & other contaminates impede the ability of fuel molecules to acquire sufficient oxygen to totally burn in the combustion cycle. Fuel Conditioners correct these conditions.

            What It Does

Increase Fuel Burn To Near 100%

Redefine Fuel Molecular Structure

Improved Combustion Results

  • Reduced Costs
  • More Power & Mileage
  • Lower Toxic Emissions
  • Less Abrasion From Deposits
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Less Equipment Wear
  • Reduce Fuel Aging Effects
  • Solves Ethanol Problems

What It Does   Each of our Fuel Conditioning Systems produces the same results by acting upon the fuel’s molecular structure. The difference is the technique that each system uses to achieve the desired results.

Our Fuel Smart System ® is an electronic device that transmits a Radio Frequency (RF) signal to a coil which encircles the fuel feed line. The RF signal emanating from the coil alters the molecular structure of the fuel molecules thereby enabling them to more readily accept oxygen. This intensifies the combustion charge. We own a patent on this system.

The Magneto Hydro-Dynamics System (from GMX) uses high-powered magnetic modules (strapped externally to supply lines) to alter the molecular composition of the fuel. Different quantities and sizes of modules are used to accommodate various pipe diameters and fuel flow rates.

The Liquid Enzyme System Process (from Soltron) uses natural catalysts to redefine the molecular structure of gasoline & diesel. This combines modern technology with organic enzymes to improve combustion by enable fuel to accept more oxygen prior to the combustion cycle.