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RCI Fuel Filtering – Purification – Polishing

Maintains Fuel Quality and Reduces Costs

Benefits & Savings Reported by Users!

   – Railroad – Replace Regular Filters Every 21 Days (From 3 Days)
   – School System – Eliminated Water & Contaminants in Fuel 
   – Trucking Firm – 18 Years + – Extends Pump & Injector Life
   – Snow Plow Company – Fuel Problems Disappeared
   – Medical Center – Removed 2 Gallons Water in 1st 30 Minutes

Fuel Purification at Every Stage for Most Businesses

   – Purification System – Installs in Front of Existing Filters
   – Removes Water & Particles Before Filtering 
   – Reduces Costs & Extends Life of Pumps & Injectors
   – Increases Filter Replacement Intervals as Much as 500%

RCI Fuel Filtration - Purification

            What It Is

Fuel Purifier & Pre-Processor
Water Extractor (99.8%)
Particle Remover (1 Micron Range)
Cost Cutting Filter Saving Device
No Moving Parts

What It Is    Our fuel Purification & Filtration Systems is supplied by RCI Technologies, a California based manufacturer. The purification system uses no moving parts and is installed as a pre-processor to existing filtration units on your engines & equipment. The system removes contaminants & 99.8% of water in the fuel which reduces costs and virtually eliminates downtime caused by fuel problems. User report increased change intervals of existing filters extended up to 500%. RCI also offers additional options for filters, coalescers & additives to provide a comprehensive fuel quality management solution.  Fuel can be maintained longer and kept clean to adhere to today’s stricter industry standards. Cleaner fuel means less maintenance, better performance with lower down times & lost revenues.

            What It Does

Reduces Costs
Extends Filter Life
Extends Filter Change Intervals
Lowers Downtimes
Maintains High Fuel Quality

What It Does    Fuel filters on engines & equipment must be replaced periodically.  One big reason for filter failure is taking on a load of contaminated fuel. A bad fuel load can render a normal filter useless in a short time. Current fuel filters have a finite capacity to filter. After limits have been reached, they either clog / fail or are bypassed enabling the fuel to pass to the engine unfiltered. Not a good thing! Even with standard filters successfully trapping contaminates to 10 to 15 microns, that leaves most every contaminate in the 1 to 10 micron sizable to make it into the engine.  It is well known that the most damage to injectors, fuel pumps etc. are harmed by free water and particulates in the 3 to 7 micron range. The extremely high fuel pressures now employed in the new engines make particulates & water even more challenging and a real problem because of close tolerances in new fuel pump designs. Our Fuel Purification system removes water & suspended debris from a fuel source before existing filters process the fuel. This greatly improves fuel quality and enables existing filters to remain in useful service for extended periods of time.

RCI Fuel Storage

How It Works   The Smart Fuel Purifier is designed with 3 stage process using two well-known fuel separation principles: centrifugal force and coalescence. Water and contaminates are separated from the fuel prior to existing filters eliminating filter clogging, downtime and  frequent filter replacements.  As fuel enters the purifier, it flows downward in a circular movement through the internal baffle system, entering into the lower chamber of the purifier. This process removes 99.8% of the free water and 95% of heavy contaminates. The three stages of purification are:

Stage 1
The velocity of the fuel slows down considerably, allowing any free water droplets and other contaminants to maintain their mass and not emulsify with the fuel.  These impurities accumulate and remain at the bottom of the purifier until purged.
Stage 2
The fuel migrates through three perforated baffle plates to stop particulates and attract, by way of coalescence, any water droplets remaining.
Stage 3
The fuel passes through the patented coalescence medium to ensure any small water droplets or particulates will be coalesced out of the fuel stream. Only the clean fuel rises to the top, providing a cleaner-burning fuel for quicker ignition and better combustion. Keeping the fuel clean helps to increase the engines dependability and efficiency.