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       Engine & Hydraulic Oil Cleansing

Save Big – Lower Engine Oil Expenses Year after Year!

  – Tugboat Twin Diesels – 4,000 hours – No Oil Changes
  – Houston Drilling Firm – Drain Interval 5,000 hours (from 1000)
  – NY Ferry Service – Drain Interval 3,000 hours (from 250)
  – Ralph’s Big Red Dodge 2500 Pickup – 90,000 Miles – No Oil Changes

Keep Oil Impeccably Clean Instead of Discarding / Wasting

  – Remove the Smallest Particles (1 Micron or Less)
  – Withdraw All    – Water   – Liquids  – Solubles
  – Maintain Original Oil Chemistry & Properties

Perpetually Clean Oil in Your Engines – The Benefits

  – 4,000 Hours Change Intervals / Less Waste / Less Labor
  – Extended Engine Life / Less Wear / 3% More Mileage
  – Less Downtime / Lower Disposal Cost / Fewer Failures

Puradyn Filtration We Fight Dirty
Puradyn Filtration Unit Options

Lubricant Cleansing – What It Is

Puradyn – Best Filtration System Available

John Deere’s “Filtration System of Choice”

Puradyn Systems “Fight Dirty”

Major Cost Cutter (Oil & Fuel)

5 Stage Oil Cleansing Process

On-board Bypass Type System

Cost Cutter (Waste Oil & Disposal)

What It Is   – “We Fight Dirty”   We offer a cutting-edge, on-board bypass engine & hydraulic oil filtration system from Puradyn that is tops in its field. Puradyn has recently been chosen as the “filtration system of choice” by the John Deere Company. The system removes contaminants 40 times smaller than conventional filtering. It removes all traces of water and maintains oil integrity & chemistry throughout the filtration cycle. Theoretically, oil will not go “bad” if you keep it impeccably clean. Our filtration system operates in 5 stages to achieve these results. Keeping oil at its highest level of purity has tremendous cost cutting benefits due to fewer oil changes, less disposed oil and less labor expense. Extended equipment life is also a major plus. Clearly, quadrupling oil life on a large scale can represent a massive saving potential. It represents sustainability in its highest form.

Lubricant Cleansing – What It Does

Uses Latest 5 Stage Cleansing Technology

Greatly Extends Oil & Engine Life

Removes Water & Liquids

Improves Mileage 3% to 5%

Removes Particles 40 Times Smaller

Maintains Oil Chemistry & Viscosity

What It Does   We are dealers for Puradyn’s 5 stage Millennium Bypass Oil Filtration System.  We all know that lubricant and hydraulic oil filtering is an essential part of operating engines, pumps & machinery. We are accustomed to conventional filtering and their normal maintenance intervals. We may not, however, be aware of the current state of technology to which lubricant cleansing has risen. There are 3 reasons why oil goes bad. These include contamination from solids, dilution by water & solubles and breakdown in chemistry or viscosity. A system that prevents or retards those factors can extend the life of lubricants immensely. Puradyn’s system reduces costs immediately upon installation. It cuts waste oil disposal, extends equipment life, lets engines get more performance on less fuel, reduces oil maintenance up to 90% & lowers equipment failures. Puradyn’s 5 stage system removes solids down to 1 micron, removes water & time-releases additives to maintain oil chemistry & lubrication properties.