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Ultra-SoniTec Marine Hull Antifouling System

 Customer Feedback – Ultra-sonic Marine Anti-fouling System

  • Running Gear Was Unbelievably Clean
  • Was Antifouling Bottom Every 12 Months – No Longer
  • Amazed by the Effectiveness of the System
  • Virtually No Growth or Slime on Bottom

Ultra-Sonic Anti-fouling Features & Benefits

  • Huge Savings – Little or No Major Hull Bottom Maintenance
  • Big Improvement in Fuel Economy  & Vessel Speed – Less Drag
  • Dual Input Voltage – 12 V or 24 V
  • Greatly Lowers Downtime & Dry Dock Time
Ultra-SoniTec Equipment Image
Ultra-SoniTec Equipment 3

Ultra-SoniTec Anti-Fouling System

Transducers on Inner Hull location(s)

Ultra-Sonic Bursts in Vast Frequency Ranges

Stops Buildup – Algae – Organisms – Slime

Reduced Drag on Vessels From Buildups

Improved Vessel Speed / Fuel Economy

Huge Operating Expense Savings

Little or No Major Hull Maintenance

3 & 6 Hour Sleep Mode

What It Is – What It Does   Ultra-SoniTec’s boat anti-fouling system utilizes the latest ultra-sound & transducer technology to prevent growth of algae, barnacles and other marine life on external hulls of marine craft. It was designed in Australia where the Great Barrier Reef presents some of the most challenging boat hull maintenance environments in the world. Transducers are connected to the boat’s power supply & attached on inner hulls and emit specific ultrasonic bursts through a vast range of frequencies. This protects the hull and stops a build-up of organisms. A hull which is perpetually free of organisms lowers fuel consumption, reduces costs, improves vessel speed, & lowers expenses & time dedicated to bottom scraping & repainting. The system can accept 12 Volt or 24 Volt input. The number of transducers needed is dependent on a vessel’s dimensions. The system has 3 and 6 hour Sleep Modes. Sealed enclosures protect the electronics & internal temperature controls prevents system overheating. Huge savings are achieved in fuel economy & vessel speed due to reduced “drag” and reduced paint build-up. Conventional, hull scraping, painting & anti-fouling treatments are frequently eliminated.