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Customer Feedback From Our Water Treatment System!

  • All our taps were covered with Lime deposits – Now they are gone
  • Plumber GMX installer over 12 years – Ton of happy folks out there
  • There is no buildup of scale at any faucets or toilets 
  • Everything is working well – Should have done it earlier

Major Cost Savings – Hard Water Scale Elimination!

  • Maintenance Free – Conserves Water – Reduces Energy Costs
  • Protects Plumbing, Heat Exchangers, Water Heaters, HVAC
  • Residential – Commercial – Small Business – Industrial – Pool & Spa
GMX Water Treatment Pipe Progression

Magnetic Pulse Water System

Modules Strap to Feed Pipes

Changes Properties in Water Stream

Prevents Calcium Formation

Protects Pipes & Equipment

Removes Buildups in Existing Systems

Provides Healthier Soft Water

Reduces Water Consumption

Saves Money – Equipment Efficiency

Lowers Cost of Repairs

What It Is – What It Does   While magnets have been utilized for over 2000 years, magnets are still helping our future in exciting ways. At GMX, magnets are continually being designed & tested as primary components in Magnetic Fluid Conditioners. Our system uses pulses to magnetic modules which are strapped externally to feed pipes in the water system. The units change the molecular structures in the water stream to prevent calcium buildup in pipes without the use of chemicals or salt. Calcium buildup can grow to be a major source of extra costs in terms of equipment efficiency and corrective repairs & maintenance. Once installed, the system is maintenance free. The system conserves water, reduces energy costs and protects plumbing & equipment. The system is a healthy alternative to water softeners and have been endorsed by nationally recognized nutritionists. GMX offers a 90 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty with their products. The consumer saves money, water usage, and energy.