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Paul Smoot - CEO & Founder Energy Max LC
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Paul Smoot is a knowledgeable and a dedicated technical & business expert in areas of energy management, use of magnetics for water scale elimination and a strong advocate of combustion efficiency, friction reduction and hyper-filtration technology. Paul has a background & long-standing interest in energy, technology & engineering. Paul studied Geology & Earth Sciences at the University of West Virginia.

One of Paul’s early engagements was with the US Navy where he became an officer and earned his “wings of gold” as a jet fighter attack pilot and was assigned to the USS Intrepid. While aboard Intrepid, Paul earned the prestigious Intrepid Air Group Aviation “Top Gun” award. 

After the US Navy, Paul worked as a stock broker & financial planner in the Mid-Atlantic area.

In January 1986, Paul founded Energy Max LC which enabled him to pursue projects in his primary areas of interest; Namely Energy, Combustion Technology, Friction Reduction & Earth Science areas related to reducing our “carbon footprint”. Through Energy Max, Paul has been engaged on many projects in diverse environments including Marine, Mining, Railways, Power Generation, Industrial,  Agriculture, small & large Businesses and Fleet Transport operations. Paul utilizes a wide range of local and national contractors on projects. These frequently include electricians, combustion experts, mechanical & electrical engineers based on the needs of each project. Support for engineering, installation and other needs are also available from the equipment suppliers / vendors.

Over the company history, Paul has worked on and completed many successful energy and cost reduction projects. He has utilized a wide variety of equipment and vendors to achieve measurable results for his clients. He has come to refer to the products and systems that have been successful as “Smart Energy Systems”. During his tenure, Paul became an authorized representative or distributor for selected products and systems that produced the best results on completed projects. Paul remains highly “engineering oriented” and, in 2011, received a patent for his design of an Electronic Combustion Enhancement System. This system is made available to clients when there is need for its application.


Energy Max LC

Background & Corporate History

After its formation in 1986 by Paul Smoot, Energy Max LC participated in many energy and cost reduction projects on both local and international levels.  Diverse client environments range from modest home & small business installs to large projects in Marine, Mining, Railways, Hospitals, Power Generation & Back-up Generators, Friction Reduction, Industrial &  Agriculture sectors.

One of the company’s most successful activities utilizes an energy stabilization system which eliminates grid current surges, protects appliances & equipment, and improves the quality of power at resulting in energy & cost reductions of 10% to 40%. Friction reduction & filtering systems in engines, power generators, compressors, marine & construction equipment and transport fleets have reported extended equipment life by 50% and cut engine lubrication expenses by 80%. Fuel treatment products have resulted in users reporting 4% to 12% increases in BTU releases from fuel including gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, propane, bio-fuels & natural gas. Metal treatment additives injected in refrigeration equipment has instantaneously dropped output temperatures 5 degrees F. Some projects focused on water treatment to eliminate 99% of “hydrocarbon utilizing microbes” in stored fuels. Some systems resulted in 75% reductions in hard water scale in heat exchangers (and pipes) thus increasing efficiency in heating & cooling devices. One the our most rewarding projects was in St Lucia for the World Health Organization (WHO) installing systems to reduce disease causing pathogens in drinking water. 

We invite you to use the “Customers” link our website’s Navigation Bar to view a more complete list of individual projects and the results they achieved. Our projects are described in summary form. The link also displays testimonial comments from many of our clients.

Energy Max LC  – Veteran Owned – State of Virginia “Small, Business and Minority SWaM”  company.