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GESPER (Green Energy Surge Protector Energy Reducer) is an electrical system design & manufacturing company which was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas. GESPER markets its products through a network of 31 distributors / dealers in the US, Europe & the Caribbean. Thousands of systems have been installed throughout the world. One customer site in Pennsylvania with 3 hospitals required 700 units & reduced their bills by 25%. The company designs and produces Electrical Management Systems which lower energy kilowatt usage by leveling voltage levels of incoming grid power and neutralizing disruptions from local appliances & equipment. Once GESPER approves an equipment configuration for a customer, the company guarantees a minimum 10% energy kilowatt reduction in electric usage. GESPER’s system provides the best surge protection available today.

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PuraDYN has been in business for 25 years.  The company developed a world-class engine oil filtration system and has gone through several name changes in the process.  Under the leadership of the Chairman and CEO Joe Vittoria, PuraDYN has transitioned from a small local company into one globally positioned to provide its international client base with the finest filtration available. PuraDYN employs 20   full-time team members. PuraDYN has 336 dealers, distributors and reps around the world. Tens of thousands of Puradyn units have been sold throughout the world. In essence, the system is analogous to a dialysis machine to filters & removes impurities to keep the oil in engines and hydraulic applications continually clean and up to spec.

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Soltron® uses natural enzymes to redefine the molecular structure of gasoline and diesel to improve fuel combustion. Toxic gases are reduced, abrasive carbon deposits are eliminated, and the knocks and pings than can wear out engines prematurely are eliminated. Fuel economy and performance are improved. It also lowers levels of fuel contaminants that decrease fuel lubricity and clog filters, including water, rust, sludge, bio mass, gums, resins and varnish. This protects fuel pumps and injectors from excessive wear. Soltron® also fights fuel aging. Some users have fuel that sits for months (or years) without good turnover.  Seasonal marine vessels and sites with backup generators are examples of users with longer fuel storage issues. Soltron® enzymes cleave chemical bonds of their substrate, release the pieces and are free to act again.  This goes on at speeds in excess of a million reactions per second. The enzymes will continue to do so for months and months.  This is why Soltron® is one of the best fuel stabilizers on the market, and is excellent at preventing growth of microbes, preventing corrosion, and improving starting and combustion, even in fuel that has been sitting for a year.  The enzymes continually break down contaminants (and hydrocarbons) that want to re-assemble.

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GMX is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded by Francis and Sharon Costanzo in California in 1991.  GMX quickly became a well-known company with a solid performance record and reputation due in great part to their close association with Dr. Klaus Kronenburg whose life works in Magnetic Theory assisted in the design and multiple functions of the GMX product line. For 5,000 years properly focused magnetic fields have been employed to produce desired results that could not be accomplished otherwise.  The Chinese kept tea pots clear of calcium buildup with lodestones.  More recently in the late 1700’s Russian oil wells employed magnets to keep calcium in suspension which improved production. The company is headquartered in Chino, California, under the able leadership of Sharon Costanzo,  GMX employs 10 full-time people in the manufacture and shipping of product.  GMX has dealers throughout the world and has sold thousands of units.

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RCI was established in 1994 in San Dimas, California by Bob Randle whose vision was to provide a premier product that separates water and particulate matter from fuel. RCI has progressed greatly and become the “Go To” company for answers to fuel quality problems.  With representatives around the world, Many peripheral and complimentary products and services have been added in the past 10 years such as mobile purification units, programmable purification systems, fuel accessories and automation with management. RCI has sold many thousands of units throughout the world and operates a manufacturing plant in San Dimas, California.  


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Our CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems are designed for the prevention of algae and other sea growth. Developed to extend the life of existing anti foul paint coatings and in turn provide vastly improved performance, improved fuel economy, reduced haul outs, reduced running costs all while being environmentally friendly. The device uses an advanced Digital Ultrasonic sound wave system and as such does not penetrate or interfere with the hull. Our system mounts to the inside of the hull using the provided high quality mounting and bonding agent. Because of our simple installation method the system can be installed with the boat in the water or out of the water. The system is the most Advanced Micro controlled Digital Ultrasonic System available. Once installed and turned on, it just works! Our advanced system is Designed and Manufactured in Australia and is made from the highest quality components available.

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Fuel Smart units are manufactured in the US in part under our registered patent issued in 2011. Our company, Energy MAX LC was formed in 1986 in Virginia Beach, Va. for the purpose of “Maximizing Energy Assets” for clients and enabling users to cut energy usage & costs.  We help clients get the most out of the energy products, such as electricity, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels available on the open market.