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Welcome to our Customer Projects Page

This page highlights recent & past projects and presents the types of issues customers had when they contacted us. We describe the results that our Smart Energy Systems achieved and show client comments & cost savings data where possible.

Merck Pharmaceuticals, INHard water relief
30 yr old Cooling Tower , 1,000.000 gallons of water, 12 inch pipes, CACO3 jammed system, low efficiency

  • Industrial sized Electronic Smart Water System Installed
  • Calcium Scale deposits dissolved over 6 months
  • Tower regained almost spec efficiency
  • 6 years were added to tower life
  • Extended tower life with delayed tower replacement
  • Savings calculated at a value of $5,000,000.00

Bay Coast Rail Road, Cape Charles, Va. Low fuel quality
Noxious Black smoke, track fires and poor engine efficiency

  • Solution selected was Soltron Natural Enzyme Fuel Additive
  • Soltron was added to the Rail Road engine fuel tanks 1 gallon to 4,000
  • Noxious black smoke eliminated
  • Track fires eliminated
  • Improved Combustion efficiency measured 8% annually
  • “We were making money from the first day”, says the Road Manager

Acoustical Sheet Metal, Inc. Va. Beach., Va. Fuel Sustainability
Several upstate New York Electric Utilities

  • Needed Enclosed Emergency Generators
  • Utilities required them for back-up
  • RCI Fuel Purification Polishing Units selected as “best choice”
  • Works well on all fuel tanks to 10,000 gallons & above
  • 22 systems provided by us for $250,000.00

Accomack County Courthouse, Accomack, Va. High electric bills
High electric bills, uneven cooling and heating.

  • GESPER installed
  • Cooling and heating more even
  • Electric bill reduced by 14%
  • Sensitive electrical equipment has fewer failures

TUGBOAT  M/V Lawson, W. Hamilton, Jr. Amherst Madison, Inc. (20 vessels) Port of Charleston, WV.  480 gallons lube oil required to change oil on this one vessel with twin CAT 3516 engines. Chief Engineer seeking a better, safer method both environmentally & financially. 14 tugboats & crews out of service due to slow coal industry shutdown.

  • PuraDYN on-board by-pass filtration system selected & purchased
  • Lube oil cost $15.55 per gallon x 480 = $7,480.00 cost per oil change
  • Lube oil normally changed at 1,000 hours operation – Sample sent to lab
  • Puradyn now allows oil changes at  5,000 hrs
  • Savings – 4 x $7,480.00 cost for 10 months operation $29,920.00
  • Cost of PuraDYN units and replacement filters, $7,700.00
  • Savings – PuraDYN safely keeps the oil clean for 10 months
  • $145,000 projected 5 year savings per boat
  • Oil sample report available from Caterpillar laboratory

Chesterfield, County, Va. County Government. High electric bills and low fuel quality
Problems and damage to ultra-sensitive sound, video and lighting systems in the County Council Chambers  due to electrical surge, spike and lightning interference.  Also HENRICUS PARK visitors center was plagued with similar problems.

  • GESPER units were purchased to eliminate electrical problems which they did. An order for more GESPER units is in the works.
  • The Chesterfield County utilities department has experienced excellent results with the GESPER units.
  • Also, the County has been purchasing SOLTRON Enzyme Fuel Additive to treat fuel in 9 emergency electrical generators.
  • Instead of spending scarce taxpayer money, the electric utilities department is extending the life of currently viable equipment.
  • A recent order for SOLTRON has been delivered to County Utilities for their emergency generators.

Robert Dann residence, Galena, Md.     High electric bills

  • GESPER units installed early 2014
  • Residence 4500 square feet
  • Summer temp up 29% over previous year
  • Electric bill up only 10%
  • Dann now saves 19% on electric bills

Bay Shore Concrete, Cape Charles, Va.    Sludge from 50 yr old #2 fuel tank causing boiler outages

  • 2 feet of sludge endangers boiler operations and plant output
  • BSC purchased SOLTRON to alleviate problem
  • SOLTRON a natural catalyst restored the sludge, (recombined hydrocarbon molecules)
  • Several months later the problem went away

Bay Creek Communications, Cape Charles, Va., TV downlink,  Low electricity quality
Costly service calls and complaints due to electrical surges spikes and lightning interference.

  • GESPER installed.
  • No more service calls or complaints since installation in
  • 12% reduction of electric bill recorded
  • Bay Creek manager remarks that this performance is exceptional

Concrete Delivery Trucks.  Capital Concrete, Norfolk, Va. Black exhaust smoke and low mileage

  • Low fuel mileage on delivery trucks
  • Black, toxic exhaust smoke eliminated
  • SOLTRON natural enzyme additive chosen to reverse black smoke and low mileage
  • SOLTRON reduced black smoke
  • Diesel fuel conditioned by Soltron resulted in an 8% mileage improvement

Miners Memorial Baseball Sports Stadium, Beckley, WV.  Problems: Lighting, HVAC, IT equipmentoperations affected by electrical surges, spikes and lightning.

  • GESPER units installed 480V 3ph system
  • Problems all but disappeared during subsequent electrical storms.

Hampton University, Hampton, Va. Buses and other vehicles had low fuel efficiency, smoke.

  • SOLTRON, the Natural Enzyme Fuel Additive was selected and purchased
  • Cleaner fuel burn eliminated noxious exhaust
  • Cleaner fuel burn improved fuel efficiency over 6%

Salisbury Towing Co., Chesapeake, Va.  8 Tugboats, big engines, lube oil costs too high

  • Reduce lube oil bill by 50% minimum
  • PuraDYN on-board, by-pass filtration system selected and purchased
  • Lube oil savings in excess of 50% documented

 VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL TERMINAlS, Norfolk, Va. “Yard Donkeys” diesel locomotives

  • PuraDYN on-board, by-pass engine oil filtration systems installed at factory.
  • Promotes more reliable engine operations and lower lube oil costs
  • P article filtration reduces friction and promotes 2-3% better mileage

US NAVAL SHIP GRASP ARS-51 Naval Amphib Base, Norfolk, Va. 52,000 gallons of diesel fuel in saddle tanks out of Navy spec. Faced with disposal.

  • Port Engineer recalled seeing an RCI Fuel Purifier demo six years ago
  • Engineer called for help to solve the problem
  • The 60 gpm RCI Portable Fuel Polishing Unit was purchased and air-shipped from Calif.
  • 4 days after the arrival, the one-man polisher had restored the 52,000 gallon to NAVY spec
  • The unit is now owned by the Navy so the next similar project will be practically free
  • $200,000 initial savings after the PFPS total costs were recovered

TARMAC AGGREGATES Company, Newport News, Va. Mining operations at their huge Jack Plant in Petersburg, Va. had high electrical costs and frequent electrical outages due to surges, spikes and lightning activity due to location and big electric motor loads

  • The company engineer selected and purchased GESPER
  • GESPER technology was installed and the electric bill went down $6,500.00 monthly
  • The Power Company refunded the previous two months $6,500.00, ($13,000.00) because the change would be permanent
  • Electrical system problems were practically eliminated
  • $55,000 projected 5 year savings

TARMACK Cement Company, Norfolk, Va.  5 local cement plant boiler injectors failing due to low quality #2 heating oil fuel reducing productivity.

  • Engineer seeking to improve productivity
  • Selected and installed our Energy Smart Electrical Fuel Conditioners
  • Plant down time and loss of production were immediately eliminated
  • Projected 5 year savings 6500 x 12 = 78,000 x 5 = $390,000.00

 Norfolk Redevelopment  & Housing Authority, Norfolk, Va.  #2 fuel oil boilers not firing properly due to the poor performance of the current fuel additive.

  • NRHA did their homework
  • SOLTRON Natural Enzyme Additive selected and purchased
  • NRHA pleased with much cleaner burn & boiler efficiency increase
  • Also pleased that SOLTRON was ½ the price
  • $35,000 projected 5 year savings

Virginia Marine Police, Newport News, Va.  Patrol Boat fuel tanks were building contaminants due to poor fuel quality and fuel sitting in the tanks for extended periods of time.

  • The Captain in charge of operations purchased an RCI Portable Fuel Polishing System
  • Eliminating those contaminants that were causing engine difficulties
  • Allowing a higher mission accomplished record.

Rayfields’ Pharmacy, Cape Charles, Va.  High electric bills accompanied by electrical surge and spike interference with sensitive electrical equipment.

  • Rayfield authorized purchase and installation of GESPER to mitigate these problems
  • The electric bill for the Pharmacy was reduced by an audited 14%
  • No more difficulties with the electrical system have been reported
  • $15,000 projected 5 year savings

Suffolk Forest Products, US 13 South, Suffolk, Va. Frequent plant shutdowns and production loss due to electrical surges, spikes and lightning activity.  Because of plant location distant from electricity source.

  • Plant owner seeking to mitigate all electrical sourced problems.
  • Power Company engineers were invited to my presentation
  • Electrical engineers told the owner the GESPER would not benefit his operations
  • Electrical engineers told owner, “what I was presenting could not be accomplished”
  • The owner bought my presentation and installed the GESPER throughout the mill.
  • Upon the subsequent electric bill audit, the mill was saving over 18%
  • $125,000 projected 5 year savings

Also, in a letter,  the owner reported a significant increase in plant productiv

Apartment Building, 20 stories, 55 years old, Arlington Va, on the Potomac River   Top 2 floors not rented due to heavy calcium scale preventing adequate water pressure.

  • We were brought in by an national plumbing supply company
  • The Smart Energy Water Conditioning System was selected and installed
  • Within 6 months the water volume flowing throughout the building surprised everyone
  • The secretary on the first floor said, “when I fill the coffee pot, the water pressure almost knocks the pot out of my hand”!
  • Management was able now to rent the top two floors,
  • $1,000,000.00 was saved in plumbing rehab.

 VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL TERMINALS, Norfolk, Va. “Yard Donkeys” diesel locomotives

  • PuraDYN on-board, by-pass engine oil filtration systems installed at factory.
  • Promotes more reliable engine operations and lower lube oil costs
  • With particles eliminated below 1 micron, reduced friction provides 2-3% mileage gain

Grant County, Petersburg, WV. New IT/Communications Center 2013 Contracting to protect from electrical surges, spikes and lightning damage the expensive and sensitive equipment.

  • The County administrator and board selected the GESPER technology
  • A local licensed electrician installed the GESPER equipment
  • No electrical problems from sources enumerated above have occurred
  • No IT Equipment failures reported since installation